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Writer, Producer & Director

A former News Anchor turned Television Personality, Emily Skyle spent 9 years developing her comedy skills on the Chicago stages of Second City and iO. Whether she’s hosting a travel show, writing quirky screenplays, taking a short lived spin as a Home Shopping Host, or stepping behind the camera as an award winning Director – you can always count on her to bring her refreshing perspective to the table. She is beyond excited to finally have a career that allows her to eat carbs. 

A glimpse into Emily's world via her
(very expired) dating profile:

I like dogs first, then cats.  I have bookshelves that actually contain books I have read. I can ski on snow, but not on water - although I excel at being dragged (awkwardly) underwater.  I'm attracted to positive people because I'm positive. I am determined to fill up every page of my passport with stamps. I am tall. I love the relationship I have with my family. I enjoy wearing heels and love to camp - rarely at the same time.  I'd rather do a physical activity than watch one. I'm not afraid to laugh at myself, which is a blessing, given that I am delightfully klutzy. I was born & raised in Alaska.  I am a sucker for witty banter. I have friends that wear skinny jeans & scarves for no reason – as a result my musical tastes and pop culture references are broad, varied and up-to-date.

I enjoy writing, but not about myself...

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